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19 апреля 2021

The Cash Peer Working Group is seeking new members from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

The Cash Peer Working Group (CPWG) has been established as a central point of discussion and engagement to define, coordinate,…

31 марта 2021

Zambia Red Cross Emergency Cash Transfer Response during COVID-19

The Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) has been assisting affected population in Zambia through the IFRC global Emergency Appeal for…

18 марта 2021

Cash preparedness highlights from the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society

In Zimbabwe, the “Resilience through Disaster Response management; Multipurpose Cash Preparedness and Comprehensive School Safety Project” has concluded in  2020,…

2 марта 2021

Cashless cash: financial inclusion or surveillance humanitarianism?

Extract from the ICRC, Humanitarian Law and Policy Blog channel, for the original blog, to access a short podcast on…

26 февраля 2021

Household Economic Security (HES) guidelines: technical Guidance for Assessment and Analysis

An updated version of the Household Economic Security (HES) guidelines has recently been launched by British Red Cross. To download…

21 февраля 2021

From borrowing money to independence: Refugee family becomes debt-free with cash assistance

Ömer Eddağavi and his family have been living on unstable income since arriving in Turkey six years ago after fleeing…

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