A range of high-quality training opportunities exist for practitioners to develop their cash knowledge and skills. Face to face courses complement a range of online and work-based learning.

Location iconOnline

13 October, 2021 – 8 December, 2021

Organisation: IFRC and Livelihoods Resource Centre

The purpose of the training is to train programme managers and field staff to know when and how to use a cash and voucher assistance, and to learn more about markets, designing programmes, delivering programmes, risks mitigation, monitoring and contingency planning. Application closes on the 1st of September at 17:00 (Geneva time).

Location iconUK

3 November, 2021 – 5 November, 2021

Organisation: BRC

The RAM training is designed for team leaders of a RAM, focusing on the knowledge and skills required, including leadership, planning and organising, analysis and report writing. The course enables participants to plan, implement and analyse market assessments utilising the Movement RAM tool and understand the role of market assessments as part of the response option analysis within the RC/RC Movement. Application close on 26th of August.

Location iconUK

28 October, 2021 – 2 November, 2021

Organisation: BRC

The objective of the PECT training is to operationalise cash using a scenario based model of training. Participants are led through a scenario from the initial briefing on the unfolding disaster, through to designing an appropriate cash based intervention using a Plan of Action. The training requires participants to have both field level experience and have completed the level 2 training. Application close on the 26th of August.

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