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There is a wide range of short, high-quality courses available online for free. Online learning provides a flexible approach and broader learning experience, allowing participants to access courses remotely from around the globe. These are available to staff and volunteers, or anyone outside the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement with an interest in cash assistance.

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4 April, 2022

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Organisation: IFRC

The principles of market assessment and why they should be considering markets when assessing, designing and implementing emergency programmes. 

Organisation: IFRC

Raise awareness of the issues associated with CTP and build knowledge for running cash transfer programmes in emergencies.

Organisation: CaLP

This course is designed for humanitarian staff with existing knowledge of cash transfer programming, who want to learn more about linking humanitarian CTP with Social Protection.

Organisation: CaLP

This course offers an introduction to Social Protection, and a first look at the ways in which it can be linked to humanitarian cash assistance.

Organisation: Digital Frontiers Institute

A general introduction to the use of digital payments in humanitarian aid – focusing on the mechanics of digital aid.

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