Counting Cash

What is Counting Cash?

The Counting Cash is a Movement-wide initiative which seeks to measure and provide a complete picture of the amount of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) being implemented within the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement each year.

The Cash Peer Working Group (CPWG) launched Counting Cash in 2018, and since then have continued to collect annual data on CVA within the Movement. The CPWG lead in the setting of CVA indicators and in data management of the initiative, working with the IFRC, ICRC and National Society cash focal points in the collection of data.

The Counting Cash Initiative plays a key role in the advocacy and implementation of CVA within the Movement, acting to:

  • Demonstrate the global reach of the Movement’s CVA programming;
  • Identify and monitor the growth of CVA programming within the Movement;
  • Support Movement leadership in informed CVA decision-making.

For National Societies taking part, Counting Cash provides a mechanism through which they can track their annual CVA delivery, learn of CVA programmes and levels of cash delivered regionally, and contribute to showcasing the Movement as a first-choice partner in CVA.

Counting Cash seeks to be a tool in which to empower and promote the CVA programming that National Societies across the Movement are delivering.

In 2023 the Counting Cash will collect 2022 annual data on the following 6 indicators, these indicators aim to contribute to the global picture of Movement CVA programming as well as provide a general marker of what level of CVA preparedness a National Society is at.

  1. % CVA through a framework agreement delivery mechanism (#able)
  2. % CVA expenditure OR % NS branches delivering CVA (#likely)
  3. # days from disaster to CVA delivery (ONLY sudden onset/approved early action (#timely)
  4. # of CVA with key CEA / AAP activities (#accountable)
  5. # of people in # of countries supported with CVA (#scale-coverage)
  6. Amount of CVA delivered into peoples hands (#scale-financial)

The Regional Coordinators within the Movement will be in touch with the CVA Focal Points of their Cluster Teams, Country Offices, National Societies and Movement Partners working in their region, sending them the Excel template used for the data collection, along with guidance on how to calculate each indicator.

The Cash Hub Helpdesk, a multilingual technical helpdesk hosted by the British Red Cross Cash Hub, is available to provide additional support and technical guidance on indicators and the overall Counting Cash process.

Visit the Cash Helpdesk to submit a query.

Guidance: how to collect the Movements CVA Counting Cash or Operational Indicators

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