March 31, 2020

CaLP launches a web page on “CVA and COVID-19”

CaLP is committed to support the cash community by collecting resources, guidance, events and questions related to cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and COVID-19. For this reason, CaLP has recently launched a dedicated space to support knowledge sharing and collaboration to ensure implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on CVA are carefully considered, and that the valuable experience of the CaLP’s community is accessible to the wider network of practitioners.

Visit the CaLP’s CVA and COVID-19 webpage to access learning materials and other interesting information, or to check upcoming events.

CaLP has also created a summary of resources on CVA and COVID-19 already shared by the community via a living document that will continue to be updated. The guidelines have the objective to support organisations to “understand and prepare for likely impacts of COVID-19 on their work” as well as to “consider whether CVA is right for the contexts in which they operate […]”.







Photo: Columbia University in the City of New York