April 1, 2020

Launch of the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) programme

“Funded by the European Union and its Member States under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) programme provides monthly cash assistance via debit cards to the most vulnerable refugees in Turkey.

ESSN is providing cash to the most vulnerable refugee families living in Turkey. Every month, each family member receives 120 Turkish Lira (approximately 17 euros), enabling them to decide for themselves how to cover essential needs like rent, transport, bills, food and medicine. The programme offers additional quarterly top-ups based on family size, with special payments to families with members who require specialised care.

The ESSN is the largest humanitarian programme in the history of the EU and the largest programme ever implemented by the IFRC. (…)”

[Read the full article and discover more content on the ESSN directly on the IFRC webpage dedicated to this programme]