April 21, 2020

New CVA Learning Resources for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

The Training Working Group has recently launched the new Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Technical Competency Framework along with a range of supporting resources, to help make the framework operational by those managing CVA deployments. These tools were developed to ensure a consistent and competency-based approach to the recruitment, selection and learning and development of CVA positions. These new resources have been published in the Learning Resources section here.

For recruitment, deployment selection, performance management and skills development. 

Sample questions and examples of specific CVA knowledge and experience.

The CVA capacity Self-Assessment form is a tool for those who want to assess their CVA capacity and readiness to deploy on surge. This tool should be used to identify key skills and development needs, and is therefore a preliminary step towards shaping the ideal Learning Pathway to acquire all the CVA specific technical competencies for a CVA Officer or CVA Coordinator Role Profile.

If you wish to discover more learning resources visit the Training and Development section. To find out more about the Cash Peer Working Group download the Membership Pack or visit its dedicated webpage on the Cash Hub platform.