Social Protection

Access to adequate social protection, especially cash transfers where these are appropriate, is essential at times of crisis. Learn about the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in this field, accessing different resources related to cash and social protection below.

Linking, building on, or aligning humanitarian cash responses with national social protection programmes and systems, where feasible and appropriate, can contribute to an efficient and effective response and achieve lasting results. COVID-19 national responses are accelerating this trend using cash as their preferred support modality for social assistance.

If you have any questions related to CVA you can contact the Cash Helpdesk, which provides remote technical advice to staff or volunteers of the Movement

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1 August 2018

British Virgin Islands Joint Cash Platform Evaluation: Building an evidence base on operational models for the delivery of cash transfer programming




British Red Cross, British Virgin Islands Red Cross, Caritas, CRS

Evaluation analysing aspects of the British Virgin Islands Joint Cash Platform (JCP) Operational Model (OM) following hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The evaluation focuses on aspects of the JCP influencing key drivers of the quality of response as well as effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

  • America
  • Cash and health
  • Cash and social protection
  • Cash in emergencies

19 January 2018

Resilience solutions: exploring social protection linkages to forecast-based financing





This brief explores one aspect of how social protection can support better climate risk management and increase climate resilience by anticipating and dealing with shocks before they happen.

  • Cash and anticipatory action
  • Cash and social protection

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