Cash in turkey

Cash in action

Find out more about the impact of cash assistance on the lives of communities in Turkey.

I write about humanity and homelessness. About the ones who were displaced just like us. I feel them and I feel their suffering. These are the people of my country – they are my family.

Said, living in Turkey

The stories below focus on the perspective of people and document their perception of receiving cash and voucher assistance.

24 August 2020

Engaging 1.7 million refugees in the face of COVID19 Lessons from Turkey

By Lotte Ruppert  COVID-19 does not discriminate, but the pandemic has disproportionately impacted certain vulnerable communities. Migrants and refugees face particularly large risks, due to language barriers, limited access to…

21 February 2021

From borrowing money to independence: Refugee family becomes debt-free with cash assistance

Ömer Eddağavi and his family have been living on unstable income since arriving in Turkey six years ago after fleeing conflict in Syria. Relying on seasonal work on farms, forced…

11 January 2021

Syrian refugee gets through challenges with power of writing

Said loves reading and transforming his personal struggles into stories and poems. Each tells a different story close to his heart about love, loss and the everyday challenges of those…

15 January 2021

Their stories are becoming the voice for millions of refugees

(Click here to read the original article hosted on the Türk Kızılay website) The #powertobe campaign telling the stories of four refugees who receive cash assistance from Türk Kızılay Kızılaykart Cash…