Community engagement and accountability – Cash in Türkiye

Putting communities at the centre is at the core of our humanitarian work. Therefore, we take a community engagement approach to better understand the needs of the affected population, design relevant interventions and ensure our accountability to them. This section looks at our CEA approach, its impact on humanitarian cash assistance programmes, and lessons learned from using this approach.

1 October 2021

ESSN Post Distribution Monitoring 11


post distribution monitoring


IFRC, Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay)

The study showed that non-recipient households were better in terms of having higher income and lower in LSCI and RCSI scores than PDM 10 compared with ESSN recipient households, who relied on coping strategies more than before. The Food Consumption Score also deteriorated more for ESSN recipients more than non-recipients, even though the level of expenditure on food was higher.

  • Community, engagement and accountability – Cash in Turkey
  • Data management – Cash in Turkey
  • Impact and effectiveness of cash assistance – Cash in Turkey
  • Livelihoods and social cohesion – Cash in Turkey

22 October 2020

ESSN Rumour Tracking & Management System: Vol. 1 (April – October 2020)




ECHO, IFRC, Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay)

This report captures questions and feedback about the rumours with regards to the Emergency Social Safety Net project. Information has been gathered from eligible and ineligible populations, which will create better understanding of the information gaps, needs and rumours and ultimately, help to address them before they can do any harm.

  • Community, engagement and accountability – Cash in Turkey