Information Management and Technology

With CVA becoming the preferred choice for National Societies, the need for robust Information Management to deliver CVA effectively is crucial. Cash technology further innovates CVA and can significantly streamline CVA implementation in the future. Browse resources below to find out more.

Cash Information Management

Cash Information Management (IM) seeks to enable efficient and transparent cash assistance programming through support to operational data collection, analysis, documentation and reporting activities. Explore this page for detailed information on Cash IM support services, competencies, templates and more.

AccessRC – Digital Self-Enrolment

The AccessRC app is a self-registration app designed by the IFRC. The app delivers integrated data collection, automated verification process, segregation of duties and fraud prevention tools, data analysis, diverse payment options with global financial service providers, and an interface to communicate with service recipients. 

The objective of the AccessRC app project is for the digital enrolment model to become a standard option that can be applied in a variety of contexts globally alongside in-person models and further integration into local systems where feasible, to ensure that National Societies can better engage and support vulnerable people pre- and post-crisis, across borders and program services and that humanitarian assistance is distributed more effectively.

Check out the walk-through video and access other resources below.

AccessRC Digital Self-Enrolment overview and walkthrough

The video offers a comprehensive overview of the AccessRC digital self-enrollment model, showcasing its features and functionalities through…

AccessRC Digital Self-Enrolment Model overview

This presentation provides an overview of the AccessRC app, including background information, functionality and operability

AccessRC Pilot programme for Cash and Voucher Assistance in Colombia

This video produced by Colombia Red Cross demonstrates the capabilities of the AccessRC app, which was piloted in…

Digital technology

Digital technology has the potential to transform the way in which cash programmes operate. Mobile payment platforms are already demonstrating how new technologies can have a great impact on efficiencies and convenience for people receiving cash assistance. This is just one example of the potential for the use of technology in this sector.

25 May 2021

Digital Identity: An Analysis for the Humanitarian Sector




IFRC, Oxford Centre for Technology and Development, DIGID

Through a series of expert interviews and case studies, this report delves into the humanitarian contexts where organisations are already piloting digital ID solutions, looking at technical, ethical, and sustainability considerations. It shows that digital ID has great potential for use in the humanitarian sector, with benefits to organisations and affected communities alike, while also outlining its limitations and the challenges to overcome.

  • Cash technology

27 April 2021

“Doing no harm” in the digital age: What the digitalisation of cash means for humanitarian action





Cash transfers have changed the way the humanitarian sector delivers assistance. The digitalization of cash means that the simple click of a button can put money in the hands of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people within minutes. As humanitarians, we need to articulate what “do no harm” means in the digital age, applying this equally to the way we use digital payments to support people affected by armed conflicts and other situations of violence.

  • Cash in conflict
  • Cash technology

1 February 2021

Webinar Recording: Practical Guidance for Data Protection in Cash and Voucher Assistance – A supplement to the Cash in Emergencies Toolkit



This webinar was organised to launch a practical guidance document to support for cash practitioners and those managing programmes embedding data protection principles when distributing cash assistance. To download the…

  • Cash technology
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28 January 2021

Practical Guidance for Data Protection in Cash and Voucher Assistance – A supplement to the Cash in Emergencies Toolkit





This guidance provides key considerations on data protection and supports cash practitioners throughout decision making and implementation, while referencing the processes in the Cash in Emergencies toolkit (CiE).

  • Cash technology
  • Information management

1 March 2020

Kenya Red Cross Innovation Newsletter – Edition 2




Kenya Red Cross

Second edition of the Innovation Newsletter created by the KRCS Innovation Lab, which aims to provide a space for community members to design, create and develop innovative solutions to challenges…

  • Cash technology

27 February 2020

ICHA Shelter reconstruction process learning review – Documentary (9’05”)




ICHA, Kenya Red Cross

This short documentary (9’05”) focuses of the implementation of a shelter recovery programme using a mixed approach including community participation, cash and voucher assistance, and innovative technology (RedRose) to respond…

  • Africa
  • Cash and shelter
  • Cash in emergencies
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