December 12, 2022

Cash Practitioner Development Programme: 2022 Graduation

Cash School graduates: December 2022

The Cash Hub is delighted to celebrate the new Cash School 2022 Graduates!

This week the cash experts joined a final call to celebrate their achievements and hard work. Exposure to new contexts, new organisations and cash coordination mechanisms through deployments to Turkey, Philippines, Iraq, South Sudan, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Sahel have all contributed to expanding practitioners’ confidence and competence. Learning activities included working with expert mentors, real-time research projects, seminars, training, and accreditation.

Congratulations go to Chisomo Duncan from Malawi Red Cross, Daniele Wyss from ICRC, Ramesh Ghimire from Nepal Red Cross, Nabeh Allaham from Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Florence Umulisa from German Red Cross, Muhammad Iqbal from Pakistan Red Crescent and Tom Norman from NORCAP who will join the group of Cash School Alumni.

Normally the program requires an ex-pat to support cash activities. But now I am doing it – all the experience I have is based on the cash school! All the communication, the coordination.

– Cash School Member

About the Cash School

The CPDP aims to expand the ready pool of cash experts available to deliver humanitarian cash assistance, and to strengthen the community of qualified practitioners with up-to-date skills in all areas of cash assistance. Cash deployments are a key element of participants learning schedules, these deployments aim to enhance skills and confidence in implementing cash based assistance. Some deployments are run in partnership with NORCAP, with practitioners accessing deployment opportunities from a range of humanitarian agencies. You can read more about the programme here

Watch the video below to see highlights from the programme