Emergencies​ and Early Action

In recent years, early action has emerged as a promising approach to mitigate the impact of disasters and crises before they occur. One key element of anticipatory action is the use of cash transfers as a tool for early response. In times of crises, getting the right resources to those in need is crucial.

Cash in Emergencies

Cash in Emergencies focuses on cash assistance programming in the immediate aftermath of a sudden onset disaster. Explore this page for case studies, lessons learned and other informational materials on cash assistance in emergencies. Watch the short video How the Red Cross uses Cash in Emergencies below to find out more.

Cash and Early Action

Anticipatory action seeks to reduce the negative impact of disasters by providing assistance to populations before a forecasted disaster occurs. Disasters are often predictable, and the science used to forecast them is increasingly reliable. Through the effective use of forecasts, risk analysis and early-warning information, it is now possible to put in place the actions and financing required to act before a disaster hits.

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31 August 2021

Strengthening locally led humanitarian action through cash preparedness




Cash Hub, Norcap

This research looks at links between CVA and localisation, to understand how CVA can help to further localisation and strengthen locally led humanitarian action, focusing on these questions: 1) How can CVA help to strengthen National Societies’ voice and influence?; 2) Does building CVA capacity help to further the localisation agenda and, if so, how does it do so?; 3) What lessons can be learnt from National Societies and their CVA responses?

  • Cash and localisation
  • Cash in conflict
  • Cash in emergencies

2 August 2021

Outcome Report World Humanitarian Forum London, 2021




World Humanitarian Forum

This Outcome Report was elaborated as an outcome paper of the WHF’s London Digital Summit. The report covers the two-day event and the sessions therein from 19 to 20 May 2021. For more information about this event visit:

  • Cash in emergencies

22 June 2021

Philippines Joint Simulation on Cash Early Actions & Shock-Responsive Social Protection for Flood




German Red Cross

This blog post shares lessons from the implementation of the 2-day Forecast-based Financing (FbF) simulation exercise (simex) on 18-20 May, to test two early actions – fish harvesting from ponds and cash transfers – in three barangays (villages), Libmanan municipality, Camarines Sur.

  • Cash and anticipatory action
  • Cash and social protection

30 April 2021

Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) – monthly report March 2021 (Issue n.12)




Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay)

Short overview of programmatic highlights and achievements from March 2021, as well as information on the use of cash and recipients in Turkey where the ESSN programme has been supporting about 1.8 million refugees a month.

  • Cash in emergencies
  • Europe
  • Middle-East / North Africa

18 March 2021

What does “Cash” mean for WASH Outcomes?





Short overview document intended for both WASH and cash practitioners as well as programme managers who want to understand and explore how cash and voucher assistance can support WASH outcomes.

  • Cash and WASH
  • Cash in emergencies

8 February 2021

Guidance for Mainstreaming Cash and Voucher Assistance Cash Preparedness for Effective Response – Chapter 2: ICRC CVA Preparedness Guidance





This ICRC-specific guidance follows the same structure as the CVAP guidance for NSs (for the latter see Chapter 1), with each section providing an overview of one of the five key Areas of CVAP, adapted for use at ICRC delegation level.

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Cash in conflict

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