RedRose Lessons Learnt

In this section you will find information on how RedRose has been used by National Societies, lessons from their experiences, and recommendations for other National Societies exploring their own implementation of data management. 

We encourage those that have experienced using RedRose to document and share their experiences, as well. A template to help structure the learning review is available in the Links section below.

Table lists some of the programmes where RedRose was used within the Movement:

VietnamMayon Volcano EruptionCash – Remittance (Post office)2018
PhilippinesMayon Volcano EruptionCash – Remittance (Post office)2018
PhilippinesTyphoon Mangkhut RecoveryCash – Remittance (Post office)2018 – 2019
KenyaFloodsCash & In-kind (with biometrics)2019
KenyaHealth Global Fund (vulnerable minors)Cash & in-kind (with biometrics)2019
KenyaDroughtCash – Mobile Money2018
PakistanLLIN Distribution (~45K HH)Secured paper vouchers – Mosquito nets2018
PakistanEarthquakeCash – Mobile Money & In-kind – Water Filters2019
PakistanDroughtCash – Mobile Money & In-kind – Water Filters2019
PakistanSevere WeatherCash – Mobile Money2020
Cyclone Idai RecoveryIn-kind – Livelihoods & Shelter2019 – 2020
Nigeria – ICRCConflictE-vouchers2017
Ethiopia – ICRCComplexCash & In-kind2020
DRCEbolaVolunteer management (with biometrics)2020
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in French
EbolaRedRose use in volunteer payments2021