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*New* Leadership commitment

Vision and strategy

Organisational structure

CVA capacity assessment and gap analysis

Operational plans and CVA

Leadership led advocacy

*new* Processes, systems and tools

Roles and responsibilities

Infrastructure, equipment and technology

*new* Financial and human resources and capacities

Funding availability, release and replenishment

CVA human resource capacity analysis

*new* CEA, coordination and partnership

Community Engagement and Accountability

Internal coordination

External partnerships

*New* Test, learn and improve

Testing CVA capacity

CVA knowledge management

Reassessing CVA capacity

Prepare and analyse

Secondary data review and analysis

Primary data collection and analysis

Baseline documentation

Scenario development and analysis

Building stakeholder engagement in CTP preparedness

Preparedness gap analysis and self-assessment

Develop and implement key advocacy messages

Review learn and improve

Creating a learning environment

External evaluation of CTP operations

Internal review of CTP operations

Document and disseminate learning and contribute to global evidence

Develop and implement

Establish a CTP technical working group

Develop the CTP preparedness plan of action

Develop CTP standard operating procedures

Mainstream CTP into strategic contingency and response plans

Incorporate CTP into HR systems

Incorporate CTP into financial systems

Appoint a National Society CTP focal point

Incororate CTP into M and E systems

Incorporate CTP into resources mobilization systems

Conduct a simulation or pilot

Internal and external coordination of CTP actions

Develop and implement CTP communications strategy and awareness materials


Plan and prepare

Initial decision for cash

Choose assessment tools

Find relevant secondary data

Map stakeholders


Get cash-specific information from community

Understand access to market and financial services

Identify and quantify priority needs

Consolidate community findings

Rapid market assessment

Collect market information

Identify key commodities and markets

Consolidate market findings

Service providers organizational capacity and risk analysis

Assess financial services

Assess organizational capacity

Analyse risks

Response analysis

Feasibility modality and mechanism

Explore response options

Check if cash is feasible

Identify relevant comparison criteria

Conduct thorough risk analysis

Calculate cost-efficiency

Compare options & make a decision

Transfer value

Set the value

Adjust the value


Identify most affected areas

Identify targeting criteria and mechanisms

Set up and Implementation


Develop operation plan

Internal coordination

Coordination with other actors

Beneficiary communication and accountability

Develop a BCA plan

Build staff capacity BCA

Select communication channels & tools

Develop messages for target audience

Develop feedback and complaint mechanism

Review & learn

Service provider

Research potential service providers

Tendering process & service provider selection

Contract & define ways of work

Beneficiary data management & protection


Plan and prepare for registration

Identification & authentication


Training & communication

Planning & implementing distributions

Encashment planning

Encashment implementation



M&E planning

Develop M&E strategy

Build staff capacity

Programme monitoring


Encashment monitoring

Post-distribution monitoring

Market monitoring

Monitor traders

Monitor price data

Respond to price changes

CTP Evaluation

Set evaluation criteria & questions

Prepare evaluation ToRs

Generate reports

Vouchers box

Voucher tools assessment

Voucher tools implementation

Voucher tools monitoring

Cash for work box

CFW response analysis

CFW implementation